My name is Donna and I am a writer of poetry and speculative fiction.  I am currently on a mission to get my novel, Rapture, completed and published.  I am married (almost 23 years), have 5 cats and 3 dogs, and live in a suburb of Dallas, TX.  I work full-time as the Operations Manager and Safety Coordinator for the Dallas branch of a utilities construction pipe and supply company.  I’ve been in this job for 15 years.  The majority of my past experience and education have been in the field of accounting, which I love and miss doing.  But the jobs that I perform here are challenging and never boring.  I enjoy my coworkers, it’s very close to my home, the benefits are pretty decent as is the pay, I have a lot of freedom to do my job as I see fit, I’m not micromanaged, I get to wear jeans and sneakers, and, most importantly to me, there is a colony of feral cats here that need me.  So how can I move on?  In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband who is a professional photographer, playing with my critters which are all rescues in 1 way or another, writing, making jewelry, cards, bath bombs and salts, and candles.  I am a member of SARK’s Succulent Wild World (a creativity group) and her Rhapsody of Writing (a writing incubator group).  SARK has been an inspiration for me for so many years.  I have all of her books and have been following her for longer than I can remember.  I also belong to The Sunday Night Writing Group where we let our writing take us wherever it wants us to go.  Maitri Libellule is the founder and leader of the group and has my utmost respect.  My husband, Rick, and I also have a vegetable garden where our main crops are heirloom tomatoes and various herbs and peppers.  I’m a techno-junkie which means I’m always in search of my next gadget/toy.  I’m a dedicated iPhone/iPad/Mac user but I also have Windows laptops and a PC.  I am addicted to Amazon, as well, and tend to spend way too much time and money there.  I’m a longtime Prime member so I have to make use of all that free shipping.  To not do so would be a terrible waste!  I love to read…poetry, fiction, and non-fiction.  I’m a big time Audible user…my iPhone is full of books of all kinds.  I listen to books while I work…I am severely ADD and listening to the books keeps my right brain occupied so that my left brain can work undisturbed.  And my iPad is full of Kindle books and it goes with me everywhere.  You just never know when the opportunity to read will present itself so you have to be prepared.  

Well, that’s probably more about me that you really wanted to know but once I start writing, it’s hard to stop! The reason I am now an official blogger is that I was challenged, along with other members of the Sunday Night Group, by Maitri to blog for 365 days straight.  My personal reason for doing it is to share my writing journey in all of its glory…the ups, the downs, the trials and tribulations, as well as the triumphs and celebrations.  I will be sharing all of those as well as quotes about the writing life and creativity…and anything else that I think is cool.  So, welcome to my world.  I hope that you find something of interest in the pages.

Trust that little voice inside your head that says, “Wouldn’t it be interesting if…”  And then do it. –Duane Michals, American Photographer        


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