Day 129: Musings

As I sit here looking out the window of my Magical Writing Haven, I am feeling extremely contemplative.  It is a slightly warmer yet still too cold rainy day.  At least we’re supposed to be out of the 30’s today.  I am 1 of those people that do not feel as though rainy dreary days are depressing.  They actually make me feel at peace with things and make me think a bit more deeply about life, passion, creativity, the future, etc….  Rain washes away all the dirt and grime that have built up on physical things and I suppose that it kind of does the same for me emotionally and mentally.  Maybe it’s because I know that in a day or 2, there will be a brilliant sun in a beautiful blue sky shining down on all the things that are now sparkly and clean.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to just go stand out in a downpour and have all of our cares, concerns, worries, doubts, etc…, washed away?  Unfortunately, life is a bit more complicated than that.  The best we can do is close our eyes, think about the rain washing over us and all of our concerns melting away as we breathe in deeply and then slowly breathe out and imagine ourselves being clear of all the things we’ve just allowed to leave our mind and bodies.  I have a lot of stress in my life which is mainly caused by my job and I carry it in my shoulders.  Every single time I’ve been to a masseuse or a chiropractor, that’s the very 1st observation that they make.  And they have to work so hard to get that tension out of there.  So now the second that I feel my shoulders begin to tighten up, I breathe.  It really helps.  It’s my early warning system. 

And now for a rant.  I finished about 1/2 of my defensive driving course and, honestly, if it weren’t for the fact that my insurance would go up if I don’t complete it, I would pay the stupid ticket.  6 hours of punishment that is mind-numbingly boring.  I’m not saying that it’s not worthwhile because it is but there has to be a way of presenting it that is more individualized.  The thing that kills me is that the class has to be 6 hours long and 99% of it is slides that you read.  I read very quickly and retain what I read so I get thru the slide in 1/3 to 1/2 of the time allotted for it but I have to just sit there until the next slide magically appears.  I could be through this class in 2 to 3 hours if I could change slides when I’m ready to do so.  My husband told me that I should have taken the comedy defensive driving class but that sounds even worse to me.  I just want the facts and to take the tests.  And the majority of what they are presenting is redundant.  I know that they are most likely doing that to pound it into your head but still, it’s boring.  And they have 1 almost 30-minute segment that is a video done by a theater troupe which includes pantomime and extremely juvenile content.  I’m sure it was done this way so that it could be presented to teen drivers but come on!  Have a separate class for teens and 1 for adult drivers.  I just want to be done with it.  I know that I’m lucky to be able to take defensive driving and have my ticket dismissed but do I have to be bored out of my mind while doing it.  Just make it interesting, that’s all I’m asking. 

Well, I have some things I’d like to accomplish today so I guess I’ll get started.  Have a happy rest of your Sunday.  Relax, breathe and let it all go.                    


About Donna Heilman

I am a writer that lives in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex with my husband, 2 dogs, and 10 cats. I am currently working on my novel, Rapture, as well as writing poetry and some short non-fiction. I am honestly writing this blog to feel more connected with other creative people.
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